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One of the most important parts of picking the right school for you is knowing that your education will lead to future job opportunities. That’s why Post has connected a lot of dots that will help you on your way to the career you want.


What’s offered on campus to help me prepare for a career?

There are several things that prepare you to succeed beyond Post. Two highly-used services are the mentors in the Center for Career & Professional Development, as well as on campus career coaches who can help you with everything from resume and letter writing to job interviewing.


 If I don’t know what I want to do for a career yet, how can Post help me?

In addition to the mentors, coaches, and other support mentioned above, Post has career assessment tools that allow you to see the types of jobs that you could expect, depending on what you’re studying or are interested in studying.


Is there anywhere I can see available jobs?

Absolutely. Post has digital job boards with local internships and job openings, as well as positions offered specifically by Post alumni. You can get help searching for these opportunities and connecting with the employers through the people in the Center for Career & Professional Development.

Get real-life experience in your area of study beyond the classroom by joining an educational club at Post!

Does Post bring in professionals to explain their jobs?


Employers and business leaders often speak about their career paths at Post. You may also have an opportunity to personally connect with them afterwards.

What types of careers have Post graduates gone into?


Post University is here to help you excel. Recent graduates have found careers in the following fields:


Applied Mathematics


Business Administration

Child Studies


Computer Information Systems


Criminal Justice


Emergency Management

Equine Studies




Higher Education Management

Human Resource Management

Human Services

Homeland Security

Legal Studies




Project Management

Public Administration


Sports Management



Alumni Spotlight

Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.

Graduates of Post University continue to make us proud with all of their post-grad accomplishments and successful careers. Read the stories below to learn more about some of our recent Post University Alumni.

Tammy Millan

The thought of juggling both work and class can often be a roadblock for some who’d like to go back to school. For Tammy Millan, a 2021 graduate and Baldrige Scholar, who works for the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services, her decision to pursue her master’s degree at Post University was endorsed by her coworker and supervisor, John Biello.

Biello, deputy commissioner of the department, encouraged Millan to pursue her Master in Business Administration at Post, as his experience earning his Masters in Public Administration was insightful and beneficial to his career.

“Post has been an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience for me,” said Biello. “Tammy has the work ethic and leadership qualities that will carry her far in her career. I felt that Post would offer Tammy the educational tools necessary to mold her into a future leader at the department.”

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Hannah Benac

“I remember my very first week of school at Post; we had to give a presentation in our College Success Seminar course on the goals we wanted to achieve at Post. I told my class that in my four years at Post, I wanted to either achieve graduating with a double major or earn a master’s degree. I am beyond proud of myself for not only achieve this goal but to have also changed that OR into an AND,” says ’18 and ’21 Post Alumna Hannah Benac.

Benac graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, a bachelor’s degree in finance, and an undergraduate certificate in forensic training before continuing on to earn her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in finance. Not only did she achieve her initial goal from her freshman year, but she did it with flying colors. Benac is the first student at Post University to be awarded the Baldrige Scholar award TWICE – once after completing her undergraduate degrees and then again this spring after completing her master’s.

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We have people who can explain it all for you, at any time, throughout your Post career.

We have people who can explain it all for you, at any time, throughout your Post career.