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Sending your kids off to school might be one of the most bittersweet moments you will face as a parent. When you choose Post, you can rest assured knowing that your child is getting an education that will help them grow and succeed throughout their college career and in the rest of their adult lives.

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Are there financial aid opportunities available at Post University?

Yes. There are several financial aid options at Post University. Students can apply for loans and grants, Federal Student Aid, as well as scholarships.

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What Student Support Services are available at the University to assist my child?

Post University is committed to providing students with support that will help them on their path to graduation. From disability services and mental and physical health support to advising and career readiness, whatever support they may need is available to them as Post.

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What is the culture like at the University?

Post University has a dynamic culture that is enhanced by the tight-knit community of the 800+ Main Campus students. The majority Post students find that joining a club or organization is one of the best ways to meet friends and have fun outside of class. With a close proximity to the City of Waterbury as well as many sporting events on campus or nearby, there is a lot for students to do in the area throughout the weekdays and weekends.

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Can freshmen bring their cars on campus?

Yes. Freshmen who have cars are allowed to bring them on campus and it is free to do so.


Are there any ATMs located on campus?

There are two ATMs on campus, one located by the campus store and one located on the first floor of North Hall.


What kind of transportation is available if my child does not have a car?

There is an on campus shuttle that will take students along a specific route around campus and in the local area.

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We have people who can explain it all for you, at any time, throughout your Post career.

We have people who can explain it all for you, at any time, throughout your Post career.